Unity Schools Trust

About Us

Unity Schools Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust formed in September 2015 by the partnership of The Magna Carta School and Bishop David Brown School. The Trust is currently responsible for the education of over 1800 children supported by more than 230 staff. Our schools are located in Staines-upon-Thames and Woking.

Ethos and Values

The stated objective of Unity Schools Trust is to achieve Excellence through collaboration. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, believed that excellence came in both intellectual and moral forms. The Trust aims to instil a love of learning by the full engagement of all of its community- students and staff- in the process of acquiring and applying knowledge. Furthermore, the Trust seeks to promote the development of positive ‘habits’ through a wide range of character-building opportunities. When combined, we believe that these two elements support the development of the whole person enabling us to be the best version of ourselves. Our vision is to be an outstanding learning community where together we learn to know, to do, to be and to live together.

Our Objective

The Academy Trust’s primary objective, as stated in its articles of association, is ‘to advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom’. Unity Schools Trust is listed as a charitable company limited by guarantee at Companies House.


A significant part of the Trust’s work is in the forging and development of partnerships with neighbouring schools. This includes primary liaison work and support for the provision of specialist subjects. The Trust’s work in fulfilment of its objective through collaboration involves sharing people, sharing resources, sharing ideas and sharing progress.


The Trust provides core support in a number of areas to all of its constituent academies including school improvement activities, finance, ICT and operations.