Welcome from the Chief Executive Officer

Our vision is to be a community where, by working in partnership together, we are able to deliver the best possible opportunities and outcomes for all of our students. Our motto- Excellence through collaboration– encapsulates our belief that cooperation and teamwork enable us all to grow and develop into the best version of ourselves.

Excellence is realised in many ways, not least through the achievements of the students in our schools. However, it is also seen through the relentless focus of our staff on delivering the highest standards of teaching, learning and student support which enable those successes to be accomplished. As a learning community we believe that every day presents a new opportunity to gain fresh insight and understanding and to implement newly acquired knowledge and experience for the benefit of all.

Our curriculum model has been designed to encourage the development of confident, independent, learners with the skills and comprehension necessary to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. In conjunction with the extensive enrichment opportunities provided by the schools within the Trust our students are able to grow in maturity and understanding.

We are an outward facing Trust with strong links in our communities where we engage in partnership work with many of our feeder primary schools. We have a particular specialism in the promotion of science and scientific discovery and regularly support the production and delivery of the primary curriculum in this area.

The Central Team of the Trust is focused on delivering support to our schools in areas such as school improvement, governance, finance, IT and networking, operations and human resources. Economies of scale enable us to provide specialist support in these areas to promote the most efficient and sustainable models for future growth. This in turn allows for a greater investment in each of our constituent schools.

I hope that you will find the information on this website helpful and informative but please do get in touch for further information. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you directly about our work and mission.

Michael del Rio
Chief Executive Officer